Aston Martin DBR9

Aston Martin presented its racing car, Aston Martin DBR9 in 2004. at the company’s headquarters in Groydon, United Kingdom and it represents the British return to the international car racing. The design of the Aston Martin DBR9 was based on the Aston Martin DB9 road car and it will keep the road car's chassis, as well as the cylinder block and heads of the powerful V12 engine, however the rest of the car will be redesigned to have better aerodynamics as to ensure its competitiveness at the international car racing circuit. The division of Aston Martin, called Aston Martin Racing, will build 12 work cars that will be operated by 3 work teams participating in the international GT series. Another 20 models of Aston Martin DBR9 will be made for private use only. To minimize the weight of the car and make it more competitive the bodywork is made out of carbon fiber composite, while the bottom of the car is flat from the front to the rear to complete the aerodynamic structure. Aston Martin DBR9 can accelerate from 0 – 60 mph in just 3.4 seconds.

When it comes to the performance of the Aston Martin DBR9 at thedbr9 international car racing, it won the Sebring 12 hours LMGT1 category in 2005. however it came third at the Le Mans 24 hour LMGT1 category. In 2006. Aston Martin DBR9 has competed in the FIA GT Championship, however it only secured 2 victories, one in Dubai and the other in Mugello.

In 2006. there will be a limited edition of DBS road car launched that will combine certain characteristics of the Aston Martin DBR9 and some added components that were first seen in the "Casino Royale", the latest James Bond movie.